Acidfree Resource Usage

Over this weekend, I received a nasty-gram from the hosting company of my main Drupal website. I was hogging all the resources they said, and I must remove the offending application, Acidfree or I would be bumped up into their semi-dedicated 'solution' which costs 5 times as much as the shared hosting package. Though it comes with more disk space, transfer volume and RAM/CPU usage, my site does not max out the current specs, except for the RAM/CPU usages.

Not wanting to fork over the extra cash, I quickly removed Acidfree from my Drupa installation, thus breaking many in-article graphic displays and deleting dozens of photo nodes from my site, which I still need to repair back to full functionality. Wanting to make sure their facts were correct, I benchmarked my localhost to see what the trouble was.

Well, with all my modules loading for the frontpage, it consumes about 20-25MBs of RAM and kicks the CPU up to full for less than a second. But when loading an Acidfree Gallery or an article with an AcidFree included picture the RAM use goes up to 30 or even 40MBs of RAM and maxes the CPU for several seconds at a time. One page with 25 Acidfree thumbnails used over 50 MB of RAM and held the CPU for 10 seconds. Check out those plateaus at 100% CPU usage. Not good.

So, I quickly installed the image and img_assist modules to replicate the image node and inline capabilities and check the resources for a similar page. Doing quite better in my estimation.

My application had two major requirements: creating images as nodes and inline article inclusion.

My initial reasoning in picking Acidfree was its enhanced gallery presetations and mass import options, that many of the other modules lacked as well as meeting my requirement quite nicely. But now I must choose better integrated inline abilities (I am also using TinyMCE which img_assist neatly integrates into), and lower gallery presetations (the image_gallery modules is rather lacking). But I gain a performance boost to boot.

Now I just have to re-create a few dozen image nodes and re-insert them into their corresponding articles. A long night is ahead.....

Wow. Those are some really

Wow. Those are some really sad numbers for Acidfree. You should have said something in the issue queue. These are the kind of thing that I like to get reported so I can fix it. Since you have posted this, I know I have already committed some fixes that will save memory and processor execution time.

That said, I will take some time to profile Acidfree to see what I can do to trim down the resource requirements. But it is probably too late for you since you have already axed it. Maybe next time around.