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Drupal 5.0 Out

Well, Drupal 5.0 is finally out, 8 months after the last major release, 4.7.

Too long

Well, it has been a pretty long time since I last posted. Been really busy with the holiday and transitioning to a new job. I have been reviewing much of the Drupal 5.0 changes from 4.7. Also, besides tying up some loose at my old job, I am also reviewing a few of the initial sites that my new position wants to migrate into Drupal. Some of their new sites are simple transistional that will be simple to move, but others have hundreds of pages whose URLs must be preserved, as well as much of the functionality. I will be reviewing current Drupal modules to see if much of the needs are met right now, but also might have to code new modules for our purposes.

New Job

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have updated here, and much has happened. First I have received a new job. I have finally made the career move to full time website development, and better yet, I will be primarily using Drupal. A cool search marketing, lead generation and general online publishing company has been making the switch from a custom CMS to Drupal and had room for a technical developer to help out full time, and they picked me.

Acidfree Resource Usage

Over this weekend, I received a nasty-gram from the hosting company of my main Drupal website. I was hogging all the resources they said, and I must remove the offending application, Acidfree or I would be bumped up into their semi-dedicated 'solution' which costs 5 times as much as the shared hosting package. Though it comes with more disk space, transfer volume and RAM/CPU usage, my site does not max out the current specs, except for the RAM/CPU usages.

Excursions into the past, Trebuchets

In an effort to show that I am a well-rounded individual, and to break any notions that I am slave to 'current' technologies, here is the trebuchet that my brother-in-law and I made a little while ago. For some history on these machines, check out, or just Google the topic.

How Skejo Runs

I have finally submitted my showcase entry at The full text is also captured at How Works. Since is really my flagship, design/configuration site using Drupal, I made a long forum post there, highlighting what I have done, and what Drupal is able to do. Hopefully it inspires others to try bigger things, and it just might drive a little traffic to Skejo as well. :)

Here is the text from my post at


At, the key idea is that rewarding people for their contributions, will stimulate more participation and better submissions. So we built a site that makes finding helpful articles fast, and submitting content easy, coupled with a rewards system that goes beyond what has been seem before.

Drupal, a Second Place Finish

The winner of the Packt Open Source Content Management System for 2006 has been announced, with Drupal coming in second place. Joomla!, was the overall winner. Even though Joomla has only been officially released for a year, compared to Drupal which has been out for 6 years, its user base has moved to Joomla from its predecessor, Mambo.

Syndicate Block Code

Attached is the code snippet that was used to create the extra symbols in the syndicate block. I used the base code from the original Syndicate block, created a new block with the same name and then added this code. I saw most of this on already (that is where I got the idea), but then I modified it a bit and added the Technorati link as well.

Officially a vbDrupal Developer

After talking with elmuerte, the vbDrupal Project manager, I have been accepted as a vbDrupal dev.

Script Optimizations

Well, I just finished updating a script that was very inefficient for work. It is true that form and optimization come after function, but neither should be neglected long-term.

Originally the script was written to display a list of documents (with numerous links and attributes), with anchored headers for each group. The scripts took as input the ID for the section of docs to be listed. The database call was a good efficient call with 'Order By' sorting, three levels deep. But the original author then ignored the doc order and started looping through the docs looking for all the docs that belonged in each header section. Then the next header would be started and the whole list would be looped through again, only picking the other docs that matched that heading. Easily this works out that you must go through the entire record set a number of times equal to the number of headers.

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