Changes Ahead

Things have gone a bit silent here lately. The main reason is that I have been doing an evaluation of what I have been working on and where I wanted to go with my skill set.

While making iOS games for over a year, releasing three different games to varying degrees of success, my heart wasn't in it to continue along that path.

Having now been out of the startup realm of businesses for 18 months, I am starting to feel like I want to get back in that game. I wasn't burned out after T2Media sold (which had a good financial upside for me), nor during the next year where we worked to replicate the prior success, but I felt I needed a change which is why Skejo Studios was started.

I could work on the projects I wanted, on the timelines I crafted. Of course I had to finance the work that I couldn't do, which brought in a whole new set of skills and management that I yearned to grow in. Which I know I have.

But now, as 2013 is half way through, I am again focusing my development skills toward web applications and away from iOS games. Another time I will write about exactly what I have been doing that last month.