Drupal 5.0 Out

Well, Drupal 5.0 is finally out, 8 months after the last major release, 4.7. http://drupal.org/drupal-5.0 has the quick overview of it all, and I can state the that the update process from a 5.0RC1 to the final form was painless on this site. Though the many new features are quite attractive from a developers standpoint, a few sites that my company commands are narrowly focused and the upgrade/testing cycles to convert to 5.0 probably outweigh the incremental benefits.

But for the more complex sites in our portfolio, we will definitely be updating/building them from scratch in 5.0. The better user management, increased caching efficiencies, node configurabilities and all the other updates will greatly benefit our execution for our site concepts. Hope to report the fun progress we have in the near future, and to rave at the great new features.

I would like to hire someone

I would like to hire someone to port my webblog A Well Earth to a Visually Friendly Drupal website and set up several Blogs in different server folders/websites.

Would you know of anyone willing to do a one to six hour job?

Please let mw know.

Deborah Kayatani

"What is Your Abundance Theory?"


A Well Earth

Drupal test site: