Flying Solo Again

It has been a bit since a blog post has rolled out, but I have had my head down finishing some fun Drupal projects. But I intend that to change for a couple reasons.

Chiefly is that I have resigned my position as lead engineer at my company to pursue a few personal projects, and to prepare for a new profession focus for me. So I have the flexibility and the freedom to blog about Drupal and other things much more than I did in prior months.

The main new focus will be iOS developments, though some will still be centered along an iOS/Drupal axis for content type apps. My personal Dog Park Finder app, and my old company's RV Parks app both have Drupal sites that house all the information, and my goal in the near future is to update the apps so they are automatically updated with new location information as the websites are updated.

Also, using the great Drupal for iOS SDK from, I plan on pushing submitted photos straight from the devices to the Drupal site (currently we just use in app mail with an attachment).

I will also be working on some iOS only projects, which will be blogged about here, but under different tags than Drupal. So check back often if you are interested in those.

I admit that it seems a bit crazy to resign a great paying position, and a steady paycheck to venture out on my own, but this is the right time and I have plenty to keep me busy.